Our Process


"I'm inspired by things that stand the test of time." -TM

The best ingredients form the foundation for a premium product. Sourcing only materials from the US, we search for the highest quality solid brass hardware, 100% cotton waxed and natural canvases, recycled nylon, vegetable tanned leather and heavy duty cotton webbing from suppliers on and near the East Coast. 

 "I’m a very tactile person. I need to touch and feel materials before I am willing to work with them and  sourcing locally makes logistics a lot easier." -TM



All things are relatively “handmade.” Even a car on an assembly line has something on it that needs to be done by hand. TM1985 takes this to heart, starting from the very germination of a new idea. Every product starts as a simple outline or silhouette and is sketched out to show colors, materials, detail and features. Even after the design is mostly set, slight variations are tried to see what works best. From there we work out specific details into a production prototype.  



Working closely with a family-owned factory that has been around for about 30 years now, TM1985 founder Tielor McBride meets a few times a week to work with the production manager and owner, to develop final samples and patterns. Production is then handed off to his team of dedicated and skilled craftspeople, who cut and sew all of our products with great care. 

 "I like being a part of a company that's able to provide sustainable jobs for people in this industry, especially after the mass exodus of the garment industry to China. It seems like this kind of skilled labor is vanishing in NYC but we want to help preserve and rebuild it." -TM


We strive for perfection in craft but the definition changes often, so we are always finding room for improvement. After the final product is assembled, each piece is carefully inspected and finished with hand-treated burnishing to give a final polish and personality. 

"Working with your hands slows you down in a way that forces you to consider each piece individually, to know the materials and their imperfections." -TM

If you have any questions about our process and what goes into out products, we're always here. Contact us!

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